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Royal Industries Pastry Brush - Boar Bristle - 2" Wide, (ROY PST BR 200)

Royal Industries Pastry Brush - Boar Bristle - 2", (ROY PST BR 200)
Pastry Brush - Boar Bristle - 2"


Product Code: ROY-PST-BR-200

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Boar Bristle 2 Inch Wide Pastry Brush - ROY PST BR 200

The ROY PST BR 200 brush from Royal Industries is constructed from natural boar bristles and features a smooth wooden handle for a firm grip. The brush size on this utensil is 2 inches, which makes for a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of jobs. This brush also comes with a plastic band that helps prevent the bristles from shredding, thus giving you a product that is built to last. Coat all your breads, pastries, or even bakeware with butter, egg wash, or any other glaze.