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Royal Industries Pastry Brush - Nylon Bristle with Plastic Handle - 3" Wide, (ROY PST BR P 300)

Royal Industries Pastry Brush - Nylon Bristle - 3", (ROY PST BR P 300)
Pastry Brush - Nylon Bristle - 3"


Product Code: ROY-PST-BR-P-300

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Nylon Bristle Plastic Handle 3 Inch Wide Pastry Brush - ROY PST BR P 300

When it comes to glazing and basting, pastry brushes come in a variety of sizes and styles. This ROY PST BR P 300 brush from Royal Industries features a plastic handle for easy grip and nylon bristles constructed in a 3 inch shape. For glazing large surfaces, this nylon bristle brush will do the trick in an efficient manner. Even small tools such as pastry brushes can make all the difference when finishing off the perfect treat.