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Pizza and Pie Cutter

In the food service industry, no small item can go over looked — even pizza and pie cutters. For those businesses that serve up cheesy slices of everyone’s favorite pizza, Gator Chef offers several blades and sizes when it comes to pizza cutters. This way, whether you’re serving Chicago-style deep dish or New York-style thin crust, we’ve got the blade and cutter you need. Similarly, when it comes to scrumptious desserts, Gator Chef offers the right cutlery to ensure your pie-making business is a cinch. It doesn’t matter if you’re making mom’s apple pie or a decadent French silk pie, at Gator Chef we have the pie cutters in 6-8 cuts. In addition, Gator Chef also offers dough dividers if your business makes pastries, noodles, or any other food created from dough!

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Easily Cut Pizza and Pie

Serve up the best pizza and pie around with the right pizza and pie cutters. At Gator Chef we offer a variety of pizza cutters with various handles, sizes, and blades. This way, no matter what type of pizza you need to slice up and serve, we have you covered. In addition, we also provide pie cutters and dough dividers for serving delicious slices of pie and to help with creating the perfect pastries. Check out our options above.