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Pizza Peels

Safely and easily transport hot pizzas from the oven with a
pizza peel. At Gator Chef we offer a variety of pizza peels with varying options. We understand every pizza is different — both in size and in type. Because of this, we offer a plethora of pizza peels to meet your needs; such as peels with short and long handles. Choose from a multitude of sizes, shapes, and styles — from metal to wood, to rectangular to round, we have your pizza-making business covered.

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Wooden and Aluminum Pizza Peels

Pizza peels offer a great way to ensure safety and a smooth transition from oven to tray when cooking pizza. In the pizza-making world, there are many supplies that help create the perfect pizza. One of those small items is a pizza peel. Pizza peels come in many shapes and sizes, just like pizzas. At Gator Chef we supply pizza peels with long handles, short handles, peels made of wood, peels made of metal, and more. Check out our options above to find what’s right for your kitchen.

If you own or operate a restaurant that serves pizza, having the proper commercial pizza supplies is an important part to running your business. As the leading supplier in the restaurant supply industry, Gator Chef knows exactly what you need! Our supply of pizza peels include a variety of sizes and materials to fit your oven and your restaurant’s needs so that you can serve up your pizza any way your customers like! Whether you are a five-star restaurant or a downtown pizza joint, grab one of Gator Chef’s pizza peels today and let it help you keep your customers satisfied!