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Buffet and Catering Supplies

Buffets and catering services need their own set of supplies. Both services, buffets and catering, need food to stay warm and ready to go while on the move or at a serving station. Gator Chef provides all the buffet and catering supplies you need, from chafers and soup warmers to serving spoons and forks. We provide chafers and accessories in a wide variety of sizes sure to meet your serving needs. is a premier catering equipment supplier, offering a wide selection of buffet and catering supplies to ensure you make the best possible impression on your clients and their guests.

  • Chafers and Accessories

    Chafers and Accessories

    Chafers and their accessories are essential for any buffet or catering service. Chafers keep all your cooked food hot, fresh, and ready to serve. This is ideal for any self-service station or businesses on the go, such as with catering. At Gator Chef we offer chafers in full size and smaller sizes, for your entrees and/or side dishes. This way, you can keep your pasta, meat, potatoes, and most anything else hot and ready to serve. In addition, we also offer soup chafers, covers, and the matching stands and heaters for the chafer of your choice.

  • Buffet and Catering Utensils

    Buffet and Catering Utensils

    Buffet and catering utensils are essential for any business that offers food on the go or self-service stations. At Gator Chef we offer all the utensils you need for your buffet or catering service. Choose from serving spoons, two prong forks, spaghetti servers, pastry servers, and more. We even offer buffet and catering utensil sets. Browse through our supply of utensils below to find the right items to serve all your guests' favorite meals!

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Commercial Catering Equipment

If your restaurant offers buffet or catering services, or if you are starting or own a catering company, you’ll need commercial catering equipment. Chafers, beverage dispensers, bowls, platters and utensils need to fit the needs of a large, self-service crowd while maintaining the air of dignity and quality that your company is known for. Gator Chef strives to carry only the best quality buffet and catering supplies in the industry for this reason.

Choose from one of the categories above to see all of our chafers, buffet pans, accessories, beverage dispensers and flatware for catering. Whether you operate in the Chicago, Bensenville area or are located elsewhere in the United States, we offer a full range of solutions along with affordable shipping to your location. Contact us with any questions or to place your order today.