10 Tips to Use Social Media to Drive Your Restaurant Business

Increase restaurant business by social media

If you’re in the restaurant business, what are some proactive ways that you can use to get new customers, and maintain relationships with existent customers? Social Media has been a hot topic for a while now, but have you begun using social media to raise awareness of your business, drive customer footfall and increase covers?

Well, how about using Facebook and Twitter to promote and show off new menu items? You can empower your employees to act as brand ambassadors to help spread the word, and use Instagram and Pinterest to share mouth-watering photographs of your head chef’s latest creations. Social media management provides a number of singular challenges to the restaurant owner, but are you sure you are managing them in a right way?

Here are 20 tips to help boost your business:


Have a direct dialogue with your current and potentially new customers. Gain feedback and insight on service, food, events, and menu items. By doing this you build connection between the restaurant and the customers, and this is a good way to nurture royal customers.

Bonus tips: update content frequently to the channels and keep that content visual, such as pictures or artwork, and encourage interaction with questions and polls.

2. Promotion

Promote and show off new menu items; spread the word of your new events, or reward your customer with coupons and specials.

Bonus tips: Don’t make every post a blatant “Come And Eat Here” message. Post pictures about an interesting story in the restaurant, a favorite recipe from your chef, an insider’s tip from your bartender or maybe a link to an article about dining and health.

3. Reviews.

When they are looking for the right place to eat, more than four out of five people search social media sites to find customer reviews about restaurants and cafes. Your restaurant’s presence in social media has never been more important.

Bonus tips: Get an online rating to attract more new customers; you can reward your existing clients (mostly those loyal customers) for referring friends or writing reviews on social media site and restaurant rating sites.

4. Brand Ambassador

Your staff is also invested in the success of your restaurant, and they are also almost certainly active on social media. Invite employees to act as your own brand ambassadors to help gain online exposure and generate conversation with both loyal and new customers.

Bonus tips: Don’t forget to reward them.

5. Recruitment

Hire talented employees by attracting them with social media contents. You can post articles, photos or video to in particular channels (LinkedIn, or Facebook if you would like to) about company culture, events, or sometimes the way your brand talk to customers.

6. Notification

Update customers on new projects such as new opening or remodels, or new events going on.

7. Online Interaction

Increase awareness and excitement with contests and giveaways.

Bonus tips: Always remember “Call To Action” – Whether it’s a link to your menu or reservation pages, more information on a recipe or a link to a local greenmarket website, always provide your followers something to interact with and explore.


Connect and network with business partners and community members

9. Complaint Management

Monitor reputation and provide complaint resolutions.

10. Temptation

Use Instagram and Pinterest to show off your beautiful interior restaurant design or delicious menu items. Establish profiles on social-media sites with a biography, photo and link to the store’s website as well as claim venues on popular location-based apps such as Foursquare