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Restroom Supplies

Keep your restrooms clean and fresh by stocking up on all the necessary restroom supplies. Just as food safety is important, so is restaurant cleanliness, which of course includes restrooms. At Gator Chef we offer all the items you will need in order to promote proper sanitation at your establishment. Provide your staff and guests with soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and hand blow dryers so that everyone can properly wash and dry their hands. Browse through Gator Chef’s options below to find the restroom supplies you need in order to outfit your restaurant.

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Washroom Accessories

Provide a clean environment for your guests and employees by stocking up your establishment with all the proper restroom supplies. Let your patrons wash and dry their hands with proper soap dispensers, various paper towel dispensers, and hand blow dryers. In addition, Gator Chef also offers hand wash timers so you can be sure your employees are meeting health regulations. Keep your restaurant and washrooms clean and up to code with restroom supplies from Gator Chef.