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Commercial Ricers and Presses

Produce light and fluffy mashed potatoes as well as perfectly cooked meat with professional ricers and presses from Gator Chef. Commercial ricers work to create tiny, rice-like pieces of potato, which in turn leads to very light mashed potatoes with no lumps. In addition, commercial presses can be one of many. There are steak weights, hamburger presses, meat mallets, even garlic and onion presses! Gator Chef offers a variety of both ricers and presses sure to meet your kitchen’s needs.

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At Gator Chef we offer a variety of commercial ricers and presses. This way, if you want to be sure your kitchen is turning out the lightest mashed potatoes around, you can. Similarly, if you want to ensure your meat is cooking evenly and your ingredients are properly integrated, a press can do so. Browse through Gator Chef’s options above to find the right commercial ricers and presses fit for your kitchen