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Royal Industries Color Coded Ladle - 5 Oz., Orange (ROY LCH 5 O)

Royal Industries ROY-LCH-5-O Color Coded Ladle
Color Coded Ladle


Product Code: ROY-LCH-5-O

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Royal Industries ROY-LCH-5-O Color Coded Ladle

Ladles are just as important in the kitchen for cooking as they are in the front of house for service. When cooking to order, it’s much more efficient for a member of kitchen staff to ladle up a prescribed amount of a sauce or liquid ingredient to add to an entrée than it is to use a measuring cup to do the same job. Royal Industries has a perfect utensil for such tasks in its 5-oz. stainless steel ladle with teal handle (ROY LCH 5 O). This ladle features a one-piece stainless steel construction and is color-coded for instant capacity recognition.


  • Color coded ladle
  • Round bottom
  • Size: 5-ounce capacity
  • Color: Orange
  • Made of stainless steel
  • One-piece design
  • Ideal for both cooking and service