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Commercial Scrapers

Whether you’re flipping pancakes, rolling dough for sugar cookies, or cleaning off the grill — commercial scrapers can be found in almost any kitchen. Made for a wide variety of tasks, restaurant scrapers come in many styles and can be used for the grill, the griddle, a pan, and more. At Gator Chef, we offer commercial scrapers in various lengths and styles, in stainless steel and plastic forms, as well as with solid and flexible blades. Browse through our selection below to find the right scraper for your kitchen.

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Commercial scrapers from Gator Chef can be used while cooking on a grill, pan, griddle, and also while prepping to cook. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, Gator Chef offers top-quality scrapers to ensure your cooking process goes as smooth as possible. From flipping pancakes to scraping dough, Gator Chef has the tools you need to keep your cooking areas clean and your creations perfect.