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Commercial Skewers and Kitchen Shears

When working with meat commercial skewers and shears can come in handy. Professional skewers are perfect when cooking grilled vegetables as well as various meats on the grill. Even favorite dishes like shish kabobs require skewers. At Gator Chef we offer these skewers in various styles including stainless steel and bamboo. Similarly, commercial shears provide a simple solution when working with meat, like chicken and fish. Made to withstand the wear and tear of the kitchen, professional shears will last long and tremendously help when it comes to prep work.

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Easily grill and cut meat and vegetables into the perfect creations fit for your restaurant. Use commercial shears when trying to cut the perfect slice of chicken, fish, or vegetable. While grilling, use commercial skewers to cook your seasoned meat and vegetables. No matter what your restaurant is grilling, Gator Chef offers a variety of professional skewers and shears sure to meet your kitchen’s needs.