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Commercial Skimmers

When it comes to removing certain ingredients or items from a soup, broth, or stock, commercial skimmers do the trick. Often times when creating that delicious soup or savory broth, certain ingredients and seasonings are used that are not meant to be in the final batch. To remove these unwanted ingredients or items, most kitchen staff will use commercial skimmers. Made in round or square shapes, often times stainless steel or mesh, commercial skimmers work to easily remove any unwanted particles from your creation.

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At Gator Chef we offer commercial skimmers in many styles and forms to accommodate whatever your kitchen is cooking — be it broths, stocks, soups, or sauces. Offered in perforated, mesh, stainless steel, round or square shapes, commercial skimmers from Gator Chef will do just the trick when it comes to removing bay leaves, lemongrass, or other herbs. Browse through Gator Chef’s options above to find the right skimmer for your kitchen.