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Spaceman Commercial Ice Cream and Frozen Beverage Machines

Spaceman was founded in 1997 by an aerospace engineer hence the name Spaceman. Since then the company has grown into one of the largest manufactures of soft serve and frozen beverage machines around the world selling over 50,000 soft serve machines worldwide.

Spaceman offers a large selection of countertop and floor standing machines with advanced features and technologies such as their patented freezing technology which means that with a Spaceman Ice cream machine or frozen beverage machine you will be freezing up and serving creamy product quicker and using less electricity while doing so!

Spaceman soft serve machines are ideal for serving ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, custard, and sorbet. Their frozen beverage machines can be used in school cafeterias to serve smoothies and shakes, in bars and restaurants for alcoholic beverages, frozen cocktails, slush, or in cafes or coffee shops for blended cappuccinos or blended coffees.

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