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Equipment Stands for Food Service Cooking Equipment

Equipment stands for commercial food service equipment are one of those necessary items that are often overlooked but it’s important to understand why they’re necessary and the differences in construction along with the materials they are made with.

Why Do I Need An Equipment Stand

The purpose of an equipment stand is to raise the height of countertop pieces of equipment such as a commercial griddle or charbroiler to a “working” height which then makes it easier to operate it for extended periods of time. A typical equipment stand is 24 inches in height from the floor to its top and can have fixed legs that usually have adjustable leveling feet or casters attached.

Sizes of Equipment Stands

The depth for an equipment stand’s top front-to-back varies typically from 28”- 30” inches depending on the brand. The width of the top left-to-right is usually offered in standard sizes of 12”, 18”, 24”, 36”, 48”, 60” or 72” inches along with custom sizes offered by some manufacturers that would require additional fabrications.

Design Styles of Equipment Stands

Most equipment stands are supplied as an “open base” design with an undershelf. The undershelf is positioned under the top hence the word “undershelf” and provides both rigidity because the legs are attached to its corners and storage for the unit. For food service applications equipment stands are provided with NSF certifications that have a stainless steel top, legs, and undershelf or a stainless steel top only and galvanized steel legs and undershelf. Equipment stand tops are also typically offered in various gauges (thicknesses) of 18, 16, or 14 gauge. With the lower number gauge being thicker and able to handle a heavier piece of equipment placed on top of it.

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NSF Equipment Stands

NSF equipment stands come in a variety of sizes and styles, most of which feature an undershelf for additional storing. Restaurant equipment can often be big, bulky, and heavy, which is why they need a safe and accessible place to be kept. Restaurant equipment such as hot plates and griddles are used quite often in many kitchens, which is why NSF equipment stands help solve the issue of storage space and accessibility at the same time. Any kitchen that needs a place to keep restaurant equipment will find these various stands extremely useful.