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Commercial Tongs

Cleanliness and efficiency are two big words in the food service industry, and when it comes to dealing with meat and other foods, commercial tongs help promote both these things. Kitchen tongs provide an easy and efficient way to work with cooked meats and serve all your favorite dishes! Whether you need utility tongs for all purposes, or something more specific such as pastry tongs, Gator Chef has you covered. In addition, Gator Chef also offers color-coded tongs to help ensure food safety and cleanliness at all times.

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Commercial tongs come in many shapes and sizes. Because no two restaurants are alike, Chef offers a wide variety of kitchen tongs — from heavy duty utility tongs to snail tongs to smaller tongs such as ice and pom tongs — Gator Chef has what you need. Featured in stainless steel, polycarbonate, and other materials, all commercial tongs from Gator Chef are built to last