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Undercounter Ice Machines

When looking to save space but still serve drinks quickly, an undercounter ice machine will do just the trick. Undercounter ice machines, or self-contained ice machines, are best suited for small bars and businesses. They are designed to fit under most 40 inch counters to help stay out of the way of all servers, bartenders, and other employees. At Gator Chef we offer undercounter ice machines with both air cooled or water cooled condensers, with styles of cubes, flakes, nuggets, and more. The models we carry feature storage bins that range from 50 pounds to 400 pounds to meet whatever demand you have.
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Commercial Ice Machines designed to fit undercounter tops

Serve your guests cocktails while keeping up with high demand — undercounter ice machines, also known as self-contained ice machines, are easily tucked under the counter while still being accessible. This helps to ensure your bartenders can easily create and serve cocktails all night long. Our undercounter ice machines are from trusted manufacturers and produce a great amount of ice while still keeping it cold. We offer these ice machines with both air cooled or water cooled condensers, all with various storage bin capacities and ice shapes. Check out our models above to see what’s best for your business.