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Vegetable Cutters

Slicing and dicing as they say, is a pretty common occurrence in any kitchen. That’s why commercial food prep tools such as mandolins and various cutters are an everyday necessity when slicing and prepping vegetables and other foods. The mandolin offers a unique way to slice juliennes (long strips) with common veggies such as carrots and celery, or in some cases meat too. Other common slicers and cutters Gator Chef offers are fit to slice potatoes, cheese, eggs, vegetables, lettuce, tomatoes, and more. In addition, useful tools such as french fry baggers, garlic presses, and potato peelers can help give your kitchen that extra boost it needs. Gator Chef provides these prep tools in several varieties sure to meet your needs.
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Commercial Vegetable Cutters

Vegetable cutters and other slicers and peelers are a necessity in every kitchen. No matter if you need to peel potatoes, slice vegetables, or press garlic — these tools go a long way to help ensure every measurement and recipe is equally met. At Gator Chef, we provide a wide variety of commercial vegetable cutters and kitchen prep tools to meet any kitchen’s needs — from potato cutters to mandolins to cheese wires, we have what you need.