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Vegetable Insets

When it comes to holding steamed vegetables and other foods, vegetable insets do just the trick. These insets are a great fit for buffets, cafeterias, and a variety of kitchens. Ideally made for steam tables and soup warmers, vegetable insets can prove to be a necessary item when keeping your food warm and ready to serve. Whether you own a restaurant or serve your food buffet-style, these durable insets will go a long way. Browse through Gator Chef’s selection to find the right item for you!

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Commercial Vegetable Insets

Keeping food warm and ready to serve is an important task in any restaurant, buffet, or cafeteria. Nobody wants lukewarm vegetables or soup. That’s why vegetable insets are such a great addition to any kitchen, especially those utilizing steam tables. Here at Gator Chef we offer vegetable insets and covers in a variety of sizes to meet the demands of your kitchen!