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Commercial Whips

Any sauce, batter, or frosting is going to require the use of commercial whips. Whether your establishment specializes in different dishes such as pastas and salads that require sauces and dressings, or decadent desserts like cakes and cupcakes — kitchen whips are in order. At Gator Chef we offer common kitchen whips such as the French whip and piano whip, but also offer speciality whips such as the mayonnaise whip and kettle whip. In addition, Gator Chef also features whips fit for Hobart mixers. Browse through our selection below to find the right commercial whip for your kitchen.

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Commercial whips can come in handy for a number of occasions, one of the biggest being baking. Ever try to make a meringue frosting? For something such as this that calls for stiff peaks in the recipe, you want to be sure you have the right whip, one meant for thick batters such as the French whip. Similarly, for more delicate batters or even sauces, a piano whip might be in order. Whatever the case, Gator Chef has the commercial whips suited for whatever need your kitchen has.