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White Cutting Boards

Easily the most common cutting board in most commercial kitchens, white cutting boards offer a simple solution to many tasks. Relatively inexpensive, white cutting boards won’t dull your knives or allow for grooves in the board that could hold bacteria or other contaminants. These cutting boards are easy to clean and are available in a variety of sizes. At Gator Chef we offer a variety of white cutting boards, mostly made from durable polyethylene plastic, many of which are NSF approved. Whatever you may need to chop or slice, Gator Chef has the white cutting boards for the job.

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White Colored Cutting Boards

Cut, chop, and slice with ease on a white cutting board. At Gator Chef we offer these common cutting boards in a variety sizes sure to meet your kitchen’s needs. A staple in the kitchen, the majority of white cutting boards offered from Gator Chef are made from a durable polyethylene plastic and are NSF approved. Keep your knives sharp and your cutting boards free of grooves and scratches with these easy-to-clean cutting boards. Browse through Gator Chef’s options above to find the right size for your kitchen.