How to Make the Perfect Choice in Ice Machines

There are two major factors to consider when choosing an ice machine: capacity and ice forms

Before you order ice machines, you need to ask yourself two questions: "How much ice do I need per day?" and "What kind of ice do I want?"


How much ice do you need? Here are some general guidelines.
QSR: Use 0.9 lb. per customer or 7.4 lbs. per seat. Use 2 oz. per 8- to 10-oz. drink, 4 oz. per 12- to 16-oz. drink, 6 oz. per 20-oz. drink, and 8 oz. per 32-oz. drink.
Restaurant: Use 1.7 lbs. per customer. Use 5.0 lbs. per seat.
Salad Bar: Use 35 lbs. per cubic foot of display. Multiply by 2 or 3, depending on estimated refills required.
Cocktail Lounge: Use 3 lbs. per person.
Lodging: Use 3 lbs. per room (substantially more if guests are allowed to fill ice chests).
Healthcare: Use 7 lbs. per patient per bed. Use 2 lbs. per employee.
Convenience Store/Customer Self-Service: Use 4 oz. per 12-oz. drink, 7 oz. per 20-oz. drink, and 10 oz. per 32-oz. drink. For cold plates, add 50% more.
ice cube

Ice Forms

Small and Medium Cube Ice

The familiar, recognizable crystal-clear diced cube form.
Applications: Mixed drinks, carbonated beverages, ice dispensing, banquet services.
Advantages: Available both in small and medium sizes to fit your needs. For optimum liquid displacement, choose the small cube size.
Nugget Ice

The Original Chewable Ice from Scotsman Ice Machines (Shop Scotsman Ice Machines). Soft, cylindrical, randomly sized bits of ice that are actually compacted flake ice.
Applications: Carbonated beverages, food displays, ice dispensing, therapeutic needs.
Advantages: Consumer-preferred soft, chewable Scotsman Nugget Ice is versatile and slow melting. Nugget ice helps drinks to cool rapidly (without wasteful foaming) and stay cool longer yet allows drinks to maintain their flavor. The soft bits of ice remain free-flowing at all times and make iced displays look crisper and stay fresher longer.
Flake Ice

Small, soft bits of ice
Applications: Blended cocktails, salad bars, produce, seafood and meat displays, therapeutic uses in healthcare facilities.
Advantages: flakes cool more quickly than other forms of ice. This cooling power is combined with very low production costs. Flakes mold to any shape for convenient use in displays and salad bars.

Gourmet Ice

These cubes are shaped like a small shot glass.
Applications: Bar use, waitress stations, office suites, break rooms.
Advantages: The hard, crystal-clear cubes are distinctly attractive and slow melting—perfect for mixed drinks and gourmet drinks. Their size and longevity make them ideal for re-icing glasses, and their nonstick characteristic makes scooping simple.
Gourmet Ice
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